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About Me

Well, what can I say about me? I love photography. I never really envisioned myself doing really anything else. I wish I could say I had a profound calling when I first picked up a camera, but honestly I just thought I'd try it since my class in high school called for someone to document class stuff. "Dad has a camera!", I thought. Figured it was a good way to get out of doing boring school assignments. I learned the absolute basics from dad and started going with it. On accident I never put it down. I took it with me everywhere. Snapping photos of friends, school, sunsets, and nature. After a while, I realized that I had a passion for photography. I never thought that I'd want a career in this business, but life is weird sometimes and you are just meant to do certain things. I was meant to be a landscape photographer.

I live in Ludington, MI and love to travel all across this state and capture its insanely underrated views. From our shorelines to the Upper Peninsula's wild northern terrain, Michigan has so much to offer and photograph. Lighthouses, Lake Michigan sunsets, state and national parks that are incredibly diverse which all make Michigan a place to make world class creative imagery. 

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